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The Temple trust has come a long way since 2004 when Shaiva peetadhipati Sadguru Pujya Sri Kandukuri Sivananda Murthy garu of Bheemunipatnam, Vizag blessed our endeavors to protect, renovate and preserve these dilapidated ancient temples.
The Temple Trust was formed with the main objective of protecting, maintaining, and preserving the ancient temples of Sri Laxmi Narsimha Swamy and Sri Viswanatha at Narsimhulapalle village. Many devotees have voluntarily contributed over Rupees Thirty Lakhs to fund the various activities undertaken by the Temple trust over the last 8 years.

The impending need in front of the Trust is to bring back the temples to their past glory by –
• Ensuring performance of daily rituals (Nitya dhoopa deepa naivedyam) at both the temples,
• performing important special events (Naimityika karmalu) at the temples, and
• renovating the two ancient temples.
The Trust estimates that an amount of at least Rupees Forty Lakhs is required to meet the above objectives –
1. Rupees Twenty Lakhs towards Corpus fund to meet the temples’ recurring expenses, and
2. Rupees Twenty Lakhs for Temple renovation and developmental activities (i.e. Matching Contribution and other activities).
Voluntary donations are invited and accepted towards the balance amount of Rupees Thirty Two Lakhs.